A Book to trust #1 Background book for debate

At this site we consider the Word of God as our most important treasure. That Book of books, consisting of 66 different books by 40 very different personalities, who felt they were asked and guided by the Divine Creator to write down His infallible Word.

Written over a 1,600-year period. Its writers lived at different times and came from many walks of life. Some were farmers, fishermen, and shepherds. Others were prophets, judges, and kings. The Gospel writer Luke was a doctor. Despite the varied backgrounds of its writers, the Bible is harmonious from beginning to end.

The first book of the Bible tells us how mankind’s problems began. From that book we get a clear view why we are in such a mess, because it , like the other books also shows the greed of man and how he wants to have power. Those fighting against Jehovah and His faithful are like he first adversary (Satan the devil). Like at the beginning of the world temptation was at hand and the liar lurking around the corner. From the first to the last we can see how man went against God but how Jehovah God was always there for those who believed in Him and who were willing to submit themselves to Him. The last book of the Bible shows that the promises made in the previous books shall come into existence and shows that the whole earth will become a paradise, or garden.

All the material in the Bible covers thousands of years of history and relates in some way to the unfolding of God’s purpose. The harmony of the Bible is impressive, but that is what we would expect of a book from God.

Because it tells about God’s Plan and how He is going to accomplish it, we find it the best roadmap to follow and prefer that bestseller of all times counter the many theological teachings of the many Christian denominations. Often it are those Christian denominations which are fighting over the people, trying to get as many members as possible. For that reason they like to use several weapons by which they use terms of the Hebrew Scriptures translated in a wrong way or giving an other sense.

We do believe we are given all the essential knowledge to come to the right faith, in the Pentateuch, or the five first books of the Canonic Bible. The other books should make everything even more clear.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are at the present the most well known Bible Student Group all over the world, but people may not forget there are many more other serious Bible Students, who like them use that Word of God to explain matters we are confronted with today. Like the trinitarian groups and those against Jehovah they and we do not have to twist the Words of the Bible; We can use and present them like they are written in the many different languages the Bible is presented to the world today.

For us it does not matter which translation you want to use, as long as you want to see what there is really written black on white. with that we also mean that we want our visitors to come to read what is really written in the text and not to fantasies or to think at the same time of the doctrines they are used to hear from the trinitarian churches and adversaries of God. For example we ask our readers to read “son of God” when there is written “the son of God” and not to read or think “god the son” which is not at all there in scriptures. Only by willingness to read and hear God’s Word in purity shall it be possible to have the eyes and ears opened.

It are the Biblical teachings which should guide us and therefore we prefer to refer to it as our source of knowledge. To come to the light of God people should be willing to listen to Him and to react rightly at His call. Because it is God Who calls and we can only show the way and give some helpful material.

There are so many denominations in this world that people often can not see the woods because of the many trees. In Scriptures there is a warning concerning the narrow road and the small gate. All the stories of that set apart or sacred Book of books should help us to find the right way. Man is best to listen to those infallible words of God which can tell everything, and as such would we like to ask you to compare the sayings of us, but also the sayings of others, all the time with what is written in your Bible.

When encountering those who are against Jehovah or any organisation He uses you can ask that slanderer why he is so interested to tell so many lies about those groups and why he keeps twisting the Words of the Most High God.

When looking at the sayings of the opponents of those groups who want to serve only One True God, you should wonder who wants to be closest to the text of the Bible and to the true Words of God. You should also wonder who not only wants to show obedience to the Creator God but also show such obedience by his actions. It shall be at the works of the believers and the denominations that you shall be able to recognise if they are living according to Scriptures. You should know that true faith in Jesus Christ and his heavenly Father shows. It should result in joyful obedience to the whole Word of God. Those loving God their character should be formed by the Word of God and should be constructed on joyful obedience making the person to show brotherly love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. When you find words of anger which distort the truth or are used to have control of the other, mostly by spreading words of fear, than you should wonder who is telling the truth and in which way is that person a lover of God really sincere about the future of the other.

The one who loves God knows that every other living being is a creature of God, and as such should be respected likewise. Lovers of God show their concern for others and show their dignity, care, compassion, love, sacrifice, humility, gentleness, and always try to live according to the Biblical values Scriptures teaches.



A Book to trust # 2 Book of Truth


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