A Book to trust #4 Cause of Being and Truth

Human beings are made in the image of the One Who gives life in the person and as such receive life from the One Who is the Being. Without This Supreme Being there can not be a being or existence. In the previous post we saw that we have to do with an infinite  Supreme Being. It is that Supreme Being which provides life and requires His creatures to find in Him their personal God Who created the universe, miraculously intervenes in it from time to time, and gives His Word as Guidance.

We should know that nothing can be the cause of itself. We should come to the belief that there exists an uncaused first cause, which can be given the title Supreme Being because it stands above all being. And that Supreme Being has received the title God or Allah, the last title existing only in the singular form because God is Only One Singular Being.

The universe is a creation of God and by this creation we can come to see not only the works of God but also come to feel the Power of Existence behind those things. looking up in the skies we should be able to see the greatness of The Being behind it all. The skies displaying His craftsmanship.

Psalms 19:1-2 (TS98)
1 The heavens are proclaiming the esteem of Ěl; And the expanse is declaring the work of His hand. 2 Day to day pours forth speech, And night to night reveals knowledge.

We humans being “beings” may place ourselves in this universe and should come to see how little and nearly meaningless we are. One moment we may live at an other moment it may all be finished and shall we be death (without life). We can not say we are the greatest creator but should recognises that there is something much greater than ourselves which is something that greater cannot be thought. Which cannot be thought of as necessarily nonexistent or as contingently existing but only as necessarily existing.

The God above all gods is An Existence Which Makes into existence and Without It nothing can exist. It or He must be consistent to create out of Chaos order and be the highest thing that could necessarily be. to be greater that all other beings It has to surpass all other life, being a all living Being, having life in itself from beginning to end or having no beginning and no end. this would mean The Being has to be eternal, having life or being itself for ever.

Therefore, there actually exists in this world, and must exist in every possible world, an omnipotent, omniscient, morally perfect being”(Kreeft and Tacelli, 1994).

One could say that if we consider The God the Being, Him being possible in one world, He also should be possible in all worlds, His existence far exceeding the rationality of God’s non-existence.

 “We notice that some things cause other things to be (to begin to be, to continue to be, or both)….Existence is like a gift given from cause to effect. If there is not one who has the gift, the gift cannot be passed down the chain of receivers, however long or short the chain may be…If there is no God who has existence by his own eternal nature, then the gift of existence cannot be passed down the chain of creatures and we can never get it. But we do get it; we exist. Therefore there must exist a God: and Uncaused Being who does not have the receive existence like us—and like every other link in the chain of receivers” (Kreeft and Tacelli 1994, 51).

We still did not find anything which could create itself from nothing. When nothing can create its own existence there should be something which should be beyond the scope of that thing or that person. We must recognise that even the universe came from something beyond the scope of itself. We may say that quantum physics show how things already in existence can appear to pop into existence and can come to changes. However, this is viewing the physics after it has been created. It should be considered that at the beginning, before physics even existed, even these things have to possess a first cause. Ultimately we should conclude that there has to be a prime Beginning, or Something or Some One Who Causes, and that Causer we call the Creator is God.

To be there the Being has to Be the Being and The Truth. Without it being true it can not be nor can there any being. Contingent beings … beings that are here depending on a necessary being … are here because of a necessary Supreme Being (God). It is that Eternal Most High Supreme Being that cause the being to be a reality and as such to be a truth.



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