A Book to trust #22 Confirmed writings and Tampered books

Shovel and spade of the archaeologist have confirmed that the historical information of the Bible is both accurate and reliable. Such study of ancient things did proof to be of value for the knowledge of what is described in the Book of books, the Bible.

Some people do want to see scientific proof for what is written in that special Bestseller of all times. Others think only one version in the world would be right, and that would be that one version of many King James bibles they are using. (As such we get several people claiming their King James bible is the only right one, though most of them are using an other version.)

Next to the bible there are also other writings or historical sources outside of the Bible which mention Jesus and other Biblical figures. Just because something was written by men doesn’t mean it’s not trustworthy or can not be of any value for the understanding of the Word of God. First of all we are confronted with the humans who as capable beings of communicating the truth, got the messages from the Most Highest. They were not afraid to write down their own weaknesses when God required so. Those who are confronted with those words of other language speaking people of God and want to bring them over to their people when willing to do their utmost best to translate that Word of God, also should receive credit from us. They too as ordinary humans can communicate truthfully, something KJV-only people not seem to believe.

And what if those who desired to communicate truthfully even had God’s help as they wrote—to ensure there were no errors?

Then things would turn out really well, wouldn’t you think?

That is how the books of the Bible were written. God revealed Himself to certain people like Moses, Peter, and Paul, who wrote down what they saw and heard (1 Timothy 3:16). And we believe there are a wealth of good reasons and evidences to trust what the authors of the Bible wrote.

The Bible, unlike any other ancient religious writing, has a wealth of evidence to support its reliability: hundreds of fulfilled prophecies, thousands of archaeological discoveries, its incredible internal harmony, historical confirmation in the ancient records of the Assyrians, Babylonians, and Romans, numerous scientific discoveries that have helped to validate different details in its pages, and so on. {The Bible was written by men! It’s not trustworthy.}

The KJV-only people, like Vake Biblia, are convinced that the Most High God can not protect His Own Word and that the Bible has been tampered with and changed so many times down through the centuries, that we can’t trust any other Bible than a certain King James Bible, which each KJV-only claimer finds would be the only right one. For them no other Bible translation is it today, even if it was once trustworthy.

Fortunately, their popular claim isn’t true. To show that the Bible has been tampered with and changed, people have to be able to point to ancient copies of the Bible and show us what they used to say, and then show us the differences in what the Bible says now. But that’s the very thing those adversaries of God and those KJV-only people can’t do, because our modern copies of the Bible say what the ancient copies say.

Most Bible translations are translated directly from the ancient manuscript copies of the Bible and today we have much more information and many more ancient manuscripts than in 16041611, the time the translators for the authorised King James Bible worked on their English translation from other English translations and just a few manuscript copies.

In addition to this, we can also compare our modern Bibles to the surviving writings of Christians in the second and third century and to the historical writings of the ancient times. Today we also can count on a huge variety of handwritten copies, which for example the writers of the King James Bible did not have. In the many historical books we have today, we can find lots of quotes from the “text of the Bible”. The modern media allow us also to compare our Bibles easier to their ancient quotations of the Bible. Looking at all the historical findings, papyrus rolls or other scrolls, stone tablets, bound manuscripts on parchment and paper, printed bookworks, etc. again we can see that the Bibles we use today are accurate copies of the Bible the early church used, no matter how much those KJV-only people may contradict this.

The aim of archaeology is to discover, rescue, observe, and preserve buried fragments of antiquity and to use them to help reconstruct ancient life. We should not miss that opportunity by that science, which in the last two centuries has so much revealed, it would be stupid not to use that revelation of that “science of rubbish” or its “new light“.

We are told by the Supreme Eternal Power that He does not tell lies and is righteous, which would mean He would not fool us but make sure that His Word comes to us in the right way so that each person can come to know that God His laws are right. He has also let the world known that His statutes are righteous and fully trustworthy. Even more we are told that His Word with His precepts and His righteousness is everlasting and always true.

Psalms 119:17-18 KJV-1611 (17) [GIMEL.] Deale bountifully with thy seruant; that I may liue, and keepe thy word. (18) Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wonderous things out of thy Law.

Psalms 119:24 KJV-1611 Thy testimonies also are my delight: and my counsellers.

Psalms 119:72-73 KJV-1611 (72) The law of thy mouth is better vnto me: then thousands of gold and siluer. (73) [IOD.] Thy hands haue made me and fashioned me: giue me vnderstanding, that I may learne thy commandements.

Psalms 119:104-105 KJV-1611 (104) Through thy precepts I get vnderstanding: therefore I hate euery false way. (105) [NVN.] Thy word is a lampe vnto my feete: and a light vnto my path.

Psalms 119:118-119 KJV-1611 (118) Thou hast troden downe all them that erre from thy Statutes: for their deceit is falshood. (119) Thou puttest away all the wicked of the earth like drosse: therefore I loue thy Testimonies.

Psalms 119:129-130 KJV-1611 (129) [PE.] Thy Testimonies are wonderfull: therefore doeth my soule keepe them. (130) The entrance of thy wordes giueth light: it giueth vnderstanding vnto the simple.

Psalms 119:138 KJV-1611 (138) Thy testimonies that thou hast commaunded, are righteous: and very faithfull.

Psalms 119:140 KJV-1611 (140) Thy word is very pure: therefore thy seruant loueth it.

Psalms 119:151-152 KJV-1611 (151) Thou art neere, O Lord: and all thy commandements are trueth. (152) Concerning thy testimonies, I haue knowen of old: that thou hast founded them for euer.

Psalms 119:160 KJV-1611 (160) Thy word is true from the beginning: and euery one of thy righteous iudgements endureth for euer.

We may count on it that God has appointed His Word and testimonies in righteousness and in all faithfulness and throughout the ages has taken care that people all over the world, and not only English speaking people could hear His Word and could come to know His.Wishes and His Plan.



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