The Holy Scripture – The One Only Source of the Holiness of the Word

We should know that we can come to know God his Will by our willingness to listen to His Word given to mankind by the Bible. that book of books is able to make us set-apart people or holy people, by its edification power.

In the world of Christendom we can see lots of people who went away from the bible and how we can find others who confuse people by using the word “Lord” for God as well as God’s son Jesus. Many want as such others to believe that it was God who came down to earth instead of Jehovah God sending His only begotten son.

By lots of the KJV-only people we do find lots of people not willing to see that in our age and day we do know much more about certain words used in the Scriptures and know that they are not names of people or places, like the 1611 translators thought and as such also made people afraid with those names, to make sure they kept in line with their teaching and their church.

This way the world was presented such false teachings as underneath:


Selections from The Doctrine of the Lord ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

[The] universal Holy Scripture has been written solely about the Lord….

The Holy Scripture – is the one only source of the holiness of the Word, and is what is meant by the words

–  The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Rev. 19:10).

Briefly stated, the subjects concerning the Lord that are treated of in all the Prophets of the Old Testament, from Isaiah to Malachi, both in general and in particular, are these:

i. The Lord came into the world in the fullness of times, which was when He was no longer known by the Jews, and when, consequently, there was nothing of the church left; and unless He had then come into the world and revealed Himself, mankind would have perished in eternal death. As He Himself says in John:

Except ye believe that I am, ye shall die in your sins (8:24).

ii. The Lord came into the world to execute a Last Judgment, and thereby to subdue the existing dominance of the hells; which was effected by means of combats (that is, temptations) admitted into his maternal human, and the attendant continual victories; for unless the hells had been subjugated no man could have been saved.

iii. The Lord came into the world in order to glorify His Human, that is, unite it to the Divine which was in Him from conception.

iv. The Lord came into the world in order to set up a new church which should acknowledge Him as the Redeemer and Savior, and be redeemed and saved through love to Him and faith in Him.

v. He at the same time reduced heaven into order, so that it made a one with the church.

vi. The passion of the cross was the last combat or temptation, by means of which He completely conquered the hells and fully glorified His Human.

(Doctrine of the Lord 3, 7)

Today people should not be afraid to examine all those words in the light of the knew knowledge of ancient manuscripts and compare those words with what is really written in the bible.



A Book to trust #30 KJV-onlyism Conclusion

The Bible where The Divine lies hidden in the word


How do you keep an eye out for heretical teachings?


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