Following a Person or a Belief

The majority of believers in Christendom follow more the doctrines of a church instead of following the doctrines of the Bible or the ones of a divine man, who was sent by God to make the Divine Creator better known and to explain how people could be able to get into the Kingdom of God.

From the generations of that sent one people had to come to  know they should come to see and understand that this sent one from God is the way to God and should be the one everybody should follow.

Throughout history people got more and more distracted, getting them away from the truth, because those human teachings which were so much more attractive than the ones of Christ Jesus or which made them so afraid for their “soul to be burned in hell” that lots of people preferred to follow those who got more and more people following them and having communities or churches, often with magnificent buildings where they could come together and listen to what happened in the world and could listen to interesting stories,often giving them the opportunity to listen to some nice music.

Times passing more and more people started getting used to those churches which allowed to have their classical traditions staying part of their social life. This in opposition of the teachings of the Nazarene Jewish teacher Jeshua, Jesus Christ, who demanded a change of life. That rebbe asked people to come to follow him, and was strict in the way how people had to follow him and had to do away with their Greco-Roman traditions.

Several who came to lead those churches, which lured people in their denomination, knew themselves too, that normally people had to follow Christ and not as such their church, but they said if people would not be member of their church they would burn in hell for ever.

We should know that we do not have to follow any church as such, but have to follow Jesus Christ, him being the way to God. When we would come together as followers of Christ it is in the unity with him that we should be one in the Body of Christ.

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Let us look what E. Stanley Jones from “The Christ of the Indian Road” has to tell

Following a Person or a Belief?

Christ 9C2We must call men, not to loyalty to a belief but loyalty to a Person. We may be loyal to a belief and dead spiritually, but we cannot be loyal to this Person and be other than alive spiritually. He creates belief. He is the great Believer himself, and in the light of his radiant faith we cannot but believe. We do not get Jesus from our beliefs, we get our beliefs from Jesus. And they must of necessity be under constant correction by his mind and spirit.

E. Stanley Jones
The Christ of the Indian Road



How do you keep an eye out for heretical teachings?


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