Non-religious opposing religious people

Several people who do not like God nor like religion strangely enough discuss a lot those religions in which they do not want to believe, or the God in Whom they do not want to believe.

Richard Dawkins despises religion. Despises. He sees zero purpose in it, zero usefulness, zero value, and zero reason why anyone else should either. When theorizing people are religious (chapter 5), he never once asks religious people. Instead, he studies them from afar, like lab specimens, so valueless is their input to him. {Why “The God Delusion” Poses Little Threat to Christianity}

Several of those against God and against lovers of God do have an attribute of all sorts names to call those people. We are being called “stupid ones” “uneducated” “kindergartners” toddlers”, “fools”, etc.. They made scathingharshly abusive criticism and offensive language their brand. One first example may be Richard Dawkins the most prominent of the “new atheists”

When Dawkins speaks of religious people, it’s always in the negative, as if religious people have never done a single good thing in the history of mankind. When a non-religious person either defends or refuses to bad-mouth religion, Dawkins assumes they must have been “bending over backward,” because they couldn’t be sincere (p. 50, par 1, for example). And if they were sincere, they clearly hadn’t thought about it very long (p. 61, par 3). He can’t help sneaking in snarky asides about people who don’t believe what he does (p. 92, par 3, etc), nor flowing praise for people who do (p. 117, par 3; p. 118, par 1; p. 131, par 2 for examples). {Why “The God Delusion” Poses Little Threat to Christianity}

Perhaps the worst offender is Dawkins’ consistent theme of, “If only these people had a little education, they would see the truth.” (p.113-119; p.143, par 3 for example) {Why “The God Delusion” Poses Little Threat to Christianity}

This seems a returning frame by haters of Jehovah, they looking down at those who are interested in God and in the Bible. Even to spend time to go and read in such an ancient fantasy book is for many too much. Worse of all they often do find people not wise enough to stand with their two feet on the ground. Some even thinking that religious people can only be ignorant fools,

that no religious person ever looked at the same set of facts he possessed and decided they weren’t sufficient. {Why “The God Delusion” Poses Little Threat to Christianity}

Though when we look more clearly in reactions of anti-Jehovah people to those who react to their writings we can see that they like Dawkins do not limit their awful words or name-bashing to to religious people, but often go against those non-religious people who do not believe what they do or do not agree with what they think.

Perhaps the most shocking example is the footnote on page 145. When he says that most physicists hate the idea of a megaverse, he says,

“I think it is beautiful–perhaps because my consciousness has been raised by Darwin.”

This, of course, assumes that Dawkins is immune to the need for education, as if he possessed all the necessary facts available now or ever. {Why “The God Delusion” Poses Little Threat to Christianity}

Trinitarians who resist so much Non-Trinitarians and do likewise certain atheists should not surprise us.

Peter Higgs, 2008.
Peter Higgs, in full Peter Ware Higgs British physicist who was awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics for proposing the existence of the Higgs boson, a subatomic particle that is the carrier particle of a field that endows all elementary particles with mass through its interactions with them. He shared the prize with Belgian physicist François Englert.

No wonder, then, that even atheists commentaries like Peter Higgs, Thomas Nagel, and this article in The Guardian are criticizing Dawkins as an extremist, and destructive to the movement of atheism?  {Why “The God Delusion” Poses Little Threat to Christianity}

Often those attackers way

“This is what all Christians (or religions) believe.”


“This is what all (so and so religious group) believes.”

even not seeing the difference between the many groups and often not having no background at all of their history nor their teachings. A beautiful example can be found by Dave Norris who loves it to attack several religious groups. He also spends a lot of time writing all sorts of fantasies about us the Belgian Biblestudents, presenting us as he knows better the history and the teachings than we ourself. And when we reacted on some of his wrong telling he refused to put our remarks or request to correct on his site. He also continually keeps presenting the American magazine The Bible students Monthly as our magazine, though it is a monthly of the North American International Bible Students. He refuses to accept that our magazines were and/or are printed in Flemish, Dutch, Walloon and French and have other titles, like the ‘Herault” and  ‘Zion’s Wachttoren’, which are not at all like the American Jehovah’s Witnesses the Watchtower, or the International Bible Students monthly. Though we tried to bring him to his senses and tried to make it clear we have totally different opinions and even were against ideas he said we prophesied for, he refused to correct his wrong views and continued to call Ch.T. Russell our founder though we were founded in 1830, long before Russsell was even born and had already a previous existing in the groups living in what was called France before 1830. (Our brethren and sisters bible Students already being active and united but also prosecuted from the 16th century). the attacks against us still going on by people of the lies of Mr. Norris and many others, who keep spreading a lot of lies about us.

< see: Dave Norris and his writings on the Belgian Bible Students

Even when he himself has in an article written about the International Bible Students

When I was with the Bible students I felt like a zombie. Every Bible study group believes differently. What’s a fella to do? I feel badly for my fellow Bible students because what they really are is a bunch of sad sacks! They need our prayers. {An interview with an Ex-International Bible Student}

Dave Norris does not see he is not doing himself good research and it is not an ex Belgian Bible students member, though he tags the article with Belgian Biblestudents, Belgian Personal Opinion Students, and writes further

Bible students and Christadelphians have no spiritual discernment whatsoever! They have rejected the word of God so what wisdom do they have? {Isaiah 9:6 and the Triune God}

He even dares to go so far to call us child molesters whilst we would always condemn people who do harm to others and certainly to weaker ones. Again he tries to mislead his readers by bringing up cases of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation doing as if it is our organisation being involved in a child-molestation scandal.

He brings a lot of Heresy, telling an incredible amount of lies as if it is the truth and he knows best, because he knows best the history of the Bible Students and other religion groups. But we do see he does make similar faults with many other denominations as well. Proving he has no insight at all in the history of religion and about teachings of religious groups.

The great problem is that so many people seem to believe all his nonsense and take him and his ‘Bible Church‘ as the one to follow. Making it more clearly his church has only him as leader and only his ideas, which makes it a cult. The Belgian Bible-students being an organisation and a church composed of several leaders, ministers, preachers, writers, researchers, ethnoarchaeologists, anthropologists, historians, administrative and organisational personal and followers or baptised members and as such having a speaking organ, whilst he is the only one speaking for his church, which does not seem to have an organisation or organizational committee. Clearly that are more signs of him and his church being a cult or sect than ours, which is just one of the many (thousands)  denominations we can find in Christianity.

What Mr. Norris forget about why we as a group reacted and react now with this website to his sort of people is because we are attacked as a group.

Christadelphians and Bible students don’t even post their real names on their websites. Do they have something to hide? When the Prophet Jeremiah had something to say he used his name. {An Open Letter to Bible Students and Christadelphians}

Logically when institutions, newspapers or websites are attacked they replay in their name and not in a personal name. It is the legal right to reply of a journal, television station, a newspaper, any magazine to speak in its own name and not having to expose their journalists or writers or any individual because they are not presenting just one individual. We also do know other bible-students reacted, but did not get their reactions placed, though received replies from Mr. Norris calling them all sorts of names, of which “kindergartener” and ” spiritual diapers” being his favourite words.

Continually he keeps doing as if he printed parts of our own magazine though he printed parts of the Jehovah’s witnesses magazine the Watchtower (which is not at all our magazine). He dares to write

I recently published an article about false prophecies from Bible students in their own newspaper. How can they justify this? {An Open Letter to Bible Students and Christadelphians}

The prophesies he is talking of we never prophesied, we even wrote many articles about how wrong they were. So why should we have to justify publications of other groups than our own. The group he is talking of is even based in the United States of America, very far away from the tiny country where we are based, namely Belgium. He even thinks we are following someone he calls our founder (Charles Taze Russell), whilst our movement was founded long before that man was even born and became the founder of the International Bible Students Association and not of the Belgian Bible students, nor from the Christadelphian Bible Students, nor from the Christian Bible-students (though they claim that he was their founder), nor from the Bible-students Association or Bible Scholars Association ‘Bijbelvorsers‘, nor from the Jehovah’s Witnesses (even though they mistakenly claim that Russell would be their founder) .

To give you some idea of the language which we according Mr. Norris as bad linguists should consider as ‘high intelligent Christian language’, which Christians should take as an example how to speak about people and to people

When I Converse with either Bible students or Christadelphians I have to adjust to their dialect. Goo Goo? You see I am talking to a cult still in their spiritual diapers. And they make such a mess of things! They don’t understand or comprehend the pre incarnate Jesus Christ despite scriptures to the contrary. It makes me wonder about Bible students as to what version they’re reading {Spiritual Diapers For Biblestudents and Christadelphians}

Often we can see that those who are against Jehovah and against lovers of the Only One God is that they try to fear them and are willing to spend lots of time in trying to do so, in the hope they will change course.

I know this article will make Christadelphians and the international Bible students quake in their boots because they don’t believe in the pre incarnate Jesus Christ.{Christ in Creation}

what we can see by people like Dawkins and Norris is that they can’t wrap their head around even the imaginary idea of something truly Godlike and can not come to the idea about people behaving ‘godly’ or in accordance to God His Will.

For many of them all religious groups are evil and those people who do not think like them or do not belong to their group are stupid. When we look at their writings people have to come to believe

Religion does no good.

We also can see by their ignorance of history; their idea being

What a fascinating chunk of history to ignore. {Dawkins  in Chapter 8 dedicated to showing that even moderate religion is evil in training. – Why “The God Delusion” Poses Little Threat to Christianity}

Like Mr. Dawkins spending a whole book laying out the facts and swatting away religious superstition we can find people on the net, like Mr. Norris or Vake Biblia who spend lots of time to write nonsense about different religious groups, not feeling ashamed at all for telling such lies, he probably believes his own lies or imaginative stories. It is because Mr. Norris thinks like Mr. Dawkins that he alone can know the truth and only his books tell the truth. Though Mr. Dawkins ends by saying we don’t really know what is true.

He says the odds of God’s existence are so low that we may as well round down to zero, but caps off his book by saying such improbabilities may in fact be inevitable.Why “The God Delusion” Poses Little Threat to Christianity}

What we can find that those who are against Jehovah continually spread false news and publish all sorts of things which are not true. Mr. Norris even continually keeps presenting an American magazine as the Belgian Biblestudents their magazine, though it has nothing to do with that organisation or church. Even after we, and other Biblestudents, reacted as well as after the Christadelphian preacher Marcus Ampe pointed out the wrong writings, he kept continuing, even starting harassing that writer and telling the lie that Mr. Ampe would have called him a bully.

Dave Norris open letter to bible Students and Christadelphians
Marcus Ampe reacting to Dave Norris on An Open Letter to Bible Students and Christadelphians 2018 August 17


This article was written in 2018, (August 16) but could only find its place to be published now because of not wanting to interrupt the series on the Bible and on the existence of God.

Matters may have changed in the mean time but than we shall mention that in a later article, because we are going to look further into those attackers of our society and to he attackers of other non-trinitarians.



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