For those who are attacked and left the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organisation

The ones who love Jehovah and prefer to worship Him alone as the Only One True God, there are several communities or churches where the can find meetings.

In the previous chapter we have mentioned that there are several ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses who either became an atheist or who became a searcher again, looking for help by those who are against Jehovah people and as such landing up the plate of the trinitarians as an easy prey.

But lots of people who leave the Jehovah’s Witnesses should know there are enough other churches where they can fulfil their duties to God and worship Him in all liberty, without limiting handling’s from one or another organisation.

The most difficult part for those who leave that American organisation is to find like-minded people and/or people who still want to serve Jehovah God. Often they also seem to battle with themselves or having a lot of psychological problems brought unto them by that organisation, demanding a liberation of thought and a new way to build up a new life.

Those who left the Jehovah’s Witnesses should know that this should not be an end for their religious life. It also does not have to mean all the things they believed in should be thrown away.

There are a lot of non-trinitarian churches. The ex-JW only have to dare to look for them. A pity that not many do that, and that lots of ex-JW turn against the JW-Organisation but also to all people who believe in Jehovah.

For all who has been brought up in a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses and who wants not to be part of that church we love to let them know that there are many other sincere Bible Students and lovers of Jehovah God who would be willing to welcome them in their community.

Like Ryan David Tuttle writes

With the growing community of ExJWs online, we need to support each other through some of the most challenging personal situations. One way that we can support each other is by being active listeners. Your job as a listener is to build rapport, understanding, and trust. As JWs, we were accustomed to telling others what to do and what to believe. As an ExJW your job is no longer about giving counsel or tell others what to do. As ExJWs we respect each other’s need to grow, develop, and differentiate themselves; even when their beliefs are different than our own. Active listening can be combined with validation techniques and unconditional positive regard to better support each other. {Support ExJWs with Active Listening}

It would be nice if those who leave that JW organisation can find other groups of ex-JW, but what is more important that they can build up a new life with also a place for religious activities.

In case many frustration have been build up by the life in the JW community it would be best they can find a listening ear and that they can find ways to get rid of that frustration.

Let us all be aware how important it is to share experiences with each other and to listen to each other. Therefore any person meeting an ex-JW let him speak and listen to him, making sure that he can feel to be listened at. Let us also remember

Listen with an open mind.  Being able to entertain an idea without accepting it is sometimes considered to be a sign of being well educated.  Being able to learn from others that you disagree with is part of what makes healthy relationships with others.{ExJWs: Dealing with Disagreements}



Who are the anti-Jehovah people


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