Those grafted in again

The apostle  Paul wrote about the dispersion, the dispersed House of Israel. They had been “without covenant“, but Paul was sent out to recover them. So they were “grafted in again“ (Romans 11/23). Or, Grafted back in“. If some of the branches have been broken off, and you, though a wild olive shoot, have been … Continue reading Those grafted in again


Cart ministry is back

Rob Mac wonders when the door to door will return? He wrote this a while back, and went sharing it again. Many Jehovah's Witnesses hate the door to door ministry, although they won't readily admit it. Many Jehovah's Witnesses have developed 'creative' ways of counting their time doing this work, and many strategies for avoiding actually … Continue reading Cart ministry is back

Possible arguments and proofs about the existence of God #1

Though many things may be very difficult to proof that does not mean that they would not exist. Also feelings and experiences are difficult to proof, though the results of a God-Being in our life is something what many feel. One thing is for sure: "If God does not exist, then everything is permitted". In the transcendent reality we can not see nor fully understand God but somehow looking around us and listening to our inner feeling each person should be able to come to recognise the Supreme Power and to understand that reality is shaped by a Power beyond us.

Following a Person or a Belief

The majority of believers in Christendom follow more the doctrines of a church instead of following the doctrines of the Bible or the ones of a divine man, who was sent by God to make the Divine Creator better known and to explain how people could be able to get into the Kingdom of God. … Continue reading Following a Person or a Belief

Reading Grade-Level of main English Bible Versions

To come to know God and His Plans peoples have received the Word of God in the Bible a book of books in several languages of peoples. In the English language you may also find lots of Bible translations. Have you ever wonder some Bible Versions are easier to understand while others are not? Here … Continue reading Reading Grade-Level of main English Bible Versions