Showing connection or togetherness

As a person not believing in the Holy Trinity one can feel very lonely in this godless, selfish and materialist world. Because the many attacks from Trinitarians lots of Unitarians or Non-Trinitarians hide away or keep quiet in their own surroundings. Many of them just take time at home to study the Bible and with their family live according to the Holy (or set-apart) Scriptures, not having the world influence them in a bad way.

Spread all over the world often many miles separate these servants from the Most High. Though ‘with heart and soul’ they feel united in spirit and united in Christ with brethren and sisters all over the world.

Not interested in being considered from the world, they prefer to be from God’s World, Which is for them of much higher value than this system of the world its pagan customs, feasts (celebrations and/or festivals) rites and/or rituals as well as its many religious groups which do not follow God’s Words and keep to all sorts of rituals. Those who want to leave paganism for what it is, and who prefer following the infallible Word of God, the Bible or Holy Scriptures, may well be in the minority, but should know there shall be only a few able to enter the small or narrow gate of the Kingdom of God. Better to be by those who are allowed to enter than to belong to the rejected who shall be sent by Christ Jesus in the second death.

On many websites one can find pages with “Links” to like-minded people or groups or to websites of interest. On this site, we could also place such a page with the presentation or announcement of different groups which are like us Non-Trinitarian and believe in only One True God, The God of gods, Host of hosts, Who is the Almighty above all gods and is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus and his disciples.

We prefer to stick out our hand and ask like-minded people to give us a hand too and give us a sign of life here, by making them known (in the reaction box), so that we can show others that we, even though we may live far apart, yet feel united by the union of our faith in Christ and his God.

By giving a reaction underneath and perhaps some links to some of your sites or sites you do find interesting to know, we can enlarge our knowledge of groups and find additional information to more interesting articles, which in turn we shall be able to share with others.

May we ask you to respond below and to show the world what you believe and how you believe about it, or if you do not feel so much for writing something, you still can make us happy with giving a sign of life and a sign of like-mindedness by clicking on the ‘like button’.

Thanking in anticipation, hoping this page shall be able to offer also some other ideas and present some other websites and different Unitarian or Non-Trinitarian groups from all over the world.



10 thoughts on “Showing connection or togetherness

  1. It is really a shame in the Christian world that so many people, calling themself Christian, show so much hate against other believers. Those who love God should show the world how they want to praise and honour this Most High God and want to serve Him and His sent one, Jesus Christ,the son of God.

    For those willing to know more about that Nazarene Jewish master teacher I offer a.o. the site “Messiah for all” to which I invite all visitors here to have a look at that site as well.

    I also look at the world from my own personal view at “Marcus Ampe’s Space” and looking more from my Christian view, placing it in Christian perspective at “Our world“. It can always be interesting to see what is happening in this world in perspective to biblical teaching and to the coming end-times.

    Please be welcome.


  2. As Brothers and sisters in Christ, or Christadelphians, we welcome those who dare to raise their voice against the people who dare to express their faith in the One God Who is Only One and not three.

    The internet has become a place of easy connection and a fast distribution net for bringing good news but also for false messaging, fake news, and explicit writings or false accusations to bring damage to others. As such we can find lots of websites taking action against lovers of the One God with the Holy Divine Name Jehovah.

    But all those who love God should show their interconnection and love not only for God but also for all creatures of God.

    To bring the Good News and to show how we can have and build up a Christian community we present our ecclesia site “Ecclesia Brussel-Leuven” and the “Broeders in Christus or Brothers in Christ” website, to which you are all invited.


  3. The danger of such anti-Unitarian and anti-Non-trinitarian groups,this site is reacting to, is that by their frustration, which they probably got from some traumatic experiences, their harsh and very unfriendly language to other believers can create such a disgust concerning Christian believers and religious people in general that visitors to such attacking groups turn away from religion.

    Master in getting non-agreeing visitors or question asking people, calling names, seems to be Dave Norris of Exposing Christian Error, which claims to be presenting a site exposing Christian fallacies, which also seems to be one of the reasons why this debunking site was created, to show his real intentions and how he tells a lot of untruth. Dave Norris tells a lot of nonsense about other religious groups and seems to get lots of viewers, catching many interested, loving his aggressive way of reaching and attacking people and religious groups.

    Probably he was molested by a priest as a young Roman Catholic boy and left that community with lots of anger living in a country (U.S.A.) were 5,9% of priests is accused of child abuse, looking for an other faith came in contact with very conservative Christadelphians who from him demanded to take up his own responsibility, which was too much required, and as such got again frustrated by that religious group, which declares his aversion against them.

    He also does not seem to understand that non-believers or other believers, like Jews and Muslims should not have to know his denomination its particular terms (like “unction of the Holy Spirit” a.o.) and considers them stupid beings when they have no knowledge about the Trinitarian theological terminology. (For that he uses a lot of different and awful words and manages to not present most of his bad sayings on his website by having the comments not available on the article.) Such non-openness clearly shows the falsehood and
    prevarication of the person.

    By doing so ugly to those who think otherwise, he gives these adversely-faced visitors an aversion to the Christian faith and makes them anti-religious, atheists or with some luck, he still brings some people to the true faith in one God, Allah, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, who is a God of love, by giving them as a counter-step the desire to convert to the Jewish faith or to Islam.

    I sincerely hope people visiting such sites as the one of Dave Norris soon shall come to see his real intentions and how he does not take on a Christian attitude. In any case with his site we do really get an example how a real lover of God should not behave.

    It is important that such untruthful websites are exposed and that others go into the defence to bring the truth to light. I can only hope that this website will succeed in showing such opponents of God their true face and to show people a better and truer path.

    Good luck and that Allah may be with you and all those who come here with the right intentions.


    1. Thanking you very much for providing these links, which can give also more insight to those who come along this platform and can find more additional reading on those interesting sites.

      Also rightly people by looking at the different sites may come to understand that though the journey of the spiritual life can never be easy, each human being should be able to help the others around him or her. Every human being should know that all Christians are faced with choices. The cumulative effect of those choices in the end shall determine what he or she becomes as a person and as a servant of God in the first place and secondly of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      It is by providing such links and by sharing thoughts that we can help others and respond to the call of Jesus Christ to go out in the world to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God. In such way we also are helping others with encouragements of evangelizing and discipling so as to encourage the new ones to come on into the wonderful relationship with God through Christ, but also then to grow them up and mature them in that relationship by being faithful, responsible and mature in all the ways in which God wants us to grow through Christ. We are not to be just separate from the ways of the world, but we are to be very active and responsible in our relationship with God through Christ, carrying his spirit and his word as a daily witness to the world in our lives so that others indeed see Christ in us.

      We wish you also many opportunities to share that so important Word of God and to keep an open mind to be prepared to be an instrument for service of god, for allowing God to call those people.


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