Cart ministry is back

Rob Mac wonders when the door to door will return?

He wrote this a while back, and went sharing it again.
Many Jehovah’s Witnesses hate the door to door ministry, although they won’t readily admit it.
Many Jehovah’s Witnesses have developed ‘creative’ ways of counting their time doing this work, and many strategies for avoiding actually speaking with people.
Placing a magazine with a neighbour as soon as you leave your house, your time kicks in then.
Alternatively drive out of the area to place a magazine with a ‘call again’, your time starts when your drive starts.
The slow walk in between houses, known as the ‘pioneer shuffle’, or ‘pioneer crawl’ in some circles. This pads out your time and cuts down on how many people you have to interact with, it also warns householders of your presence, so they can ignore your knock, that’s good for both the Jehovah’s Witness and the householder
Long ‘prayer’ sessions out in the street, same benefits as the ‘pioneer shuffle’.
The ‘silent knock or ‘silent ring’, just knock very silently, or pretend to ring, self explanatory really, only works well if your partner is on the same ‘wavelength’ as you. If your partner is an elder or hard nosed JW this won’t work.
Some JWs even have perfected the art of closing a conversation before it’s really began.
If they actually do have to talk with someone, one way of ending any conversation is by directing people to JW.0rg, this effectively closes down any further dialogue.
Place a magazine in the coffee shop when you take a break, you can count your time for your break too!
When ending your time do the same as starting, drive out the way somewhere to place a magazine with a ‘call back’, and claim your time until you get home.
If you are walking, do the same as starting, place a magazine with another near neighbour on return, your time then includes your journey home.
These, and other strategies help Jehovah’s Witnesses who hate ‘the ministry’ get their time in with the minimum of interaction with anyone.
All this proves the cliche that most Jehovah’s Witnesses are more interested in ‘counting their time’, than ‘making their time count’.
Please feel free to add your own ‘methods’ of avoiding interaction with anyone whilst counting time that I may have left out?

Marina Payton reacted by telling:

I always freely stated in front of anyone that i hated the d-d work but did it anyway, hoping that i would “get” to like it, which is what many people told me. I never did. I used to laugh at ones who said they would never knock on doors on Christmas morning, because they hated to “disturb” families opening gifts, etc. I said, “You’re ‘disturbing’ them ANYTIME you knock on their door, what’s the difference if it’s Christmas! Don’t you want to save their lives, why let Christmas stop you from saving their lives?”

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