Our Aim

Our aim is to show to unbelievers and other believers that there is One Great Sovereign Lord Most High Super Intelligent Supreme Unseen Spirit Being Which or Who created the whole universe with all its living beings (plants, animals and human beings).

We want to show the world how most non-trinitarians are the real followers of Jesus Christ, whose name was Jeshua (Jesus), the son of God. We want to show how most non-trinitarians are really taking up the tasks Jeshua (Jesus) had given to his disciples and their followers.

Trying to follow after righteousness, seeking Jehovah, the Only One True God above all gods, looking to the rock we are cut from and to the quarry we were dug from (Isaiah 51:1).
Trying to waken the ears to listen like one instructed by the Most High (Isaiah 50:4) and not by the world, not following human doctrines.

Showing that we should be careful of false doctrines and should keep to Biblical doctrines, we want to bring people to come to see that Jesus is the right Way to God, but not to Jesus as him to be God. Our aim is further to open the eyes and having people come to see the Biblical Truth and understand that this son of man and son of God is the way to life and to salvation which comes from That Highest God. We also want to show that the Nazarene Jewish rabbi or master teacher Jeshua (Jesus Christ) the sent one and authorised one from God is, sent to the earth to declare his heavenly Father as the Only One True God.

Our further aim is to show the true face of those who blacken the non-trinitarians and accuse them of belonging to a sect or a cult.
We want to make it clear how most non-trinitarians or Unitarians are just free people, following Jesus out of free will and not bounded to any other person than him. We also want to show them that it is wrong to think that all non-trinitarians would belong to a governing religious body, especially one that has separated from a larger denomination. People should know we do follow Jesus his teaching and it are the main Christian trinitarian denominations which have developed deviating beliefs, practices, etc.  and having gone astray from the Abrahamic roots and Jewish faith Jesus had.

We would love to bring more people coming to know the sent one from God and coming to see how all lovers of God should unite under the leadership of the one sent from God, following his teachings and being united as partakers of God’s Promise in Christ or members of the Body of Christ.
With the knowledge that in this world there are not so many true lovers of the Only One True God, we are aware that it is not always so easy to find a group of real followers of Christ nearby. People should come to see it is not the group or a church which brings salvation, but the commitment to God. Therefore we do hope we can show people that there are lots of sincere followers of Christ, who worship the only One True God and no other gods, in the way God wants to be honoured and worshipped.

We shall be pleased when we can bring people to recognise they need Jesus and should follow him and not any other specific human beings or human organisation. People should come to see the worldly or human organisations can only be tools for helping and advising people how to succeed in the track they have to run. Everybody should come to know they should not stay alone or their quest for life or for finding truth.

Trying to be a faithful servant of Christ and a servant of God we would like to show others our Nazarene discipleship is not bringing chains unto us but liberates us from the chains of this world. Such liberation from the world is an important factor in the Christian life in which every member of the body of Christ has to show and share the love to all creatures of God. We are surrounded by a lot of people and groups who try to paint a totally different picture of what we are and what we do. Therefore we want to show the world that those people and organisations who fight against us and other non-trinitarian and unitarian groups have a hidden agenda. With the writings on this platform and by linking to other websites, we do hope to open the eyes of what the non-trinitarians are really saying and what the Trinitarians are claiming, compared to what the Bible, or infallible Word of God is saying. We are convinced that with sincere common sense and logical thought we may show who or which group is more following the Bible than the other. Doing so we may show who has a real Christian attitude or who often uses offensive language and is unjustly calling people like us all sorts of names. This site is specially created after many years of patience and having seen how several websites did everything to pull people away from people and groups like us. It is because the aggressiveness does not diminish and because the amount of sites against Biblical Unitarians are increasing on the net so much that we could not leave it any more so.

The resistance against our and other like-minded communities forced us to come out of our hiding place and publicly defend ourselves. Believing that we are coming closer to the end-times, with the knowledge that the adversaries of Jehovah shall resist more wildly the lovers of God and act more aggressively against them, we want to show our resistance against this danger, their attacks, or harm and go for our protection by addressing the allegations and charges made against us and similar groups.

We want to be sincere lovers of God, defending the cause of the race to be won by mankind to enter the Kingdom of God. We do find it of such importance that we could see as many people as possible to enter with us that Kingdom of God that we prefer to go out in this world proclaiming the Good News or preaching that coming Kingdom, even when not many people like to see us bothering them with those Biblical words.

Notwithstanding we will strive to be simple and sincere toward all, not willing to seek to please and honour ourself, but the lord Jesus and his heavenly Father. With this site we do hope we can make some contribution to the understanding about our community and about other non-Trinitarian groups. At the same time proclaiming God’s Word and the Kingdom of God, we will be careful to honour the Most High with our lips, that our words may be in all sincerity and blessed to all.

It does not matter for us that the world does not love us. We do not need to belong to this world in this system of times and of religious beliefs and rituals. Willing to seek to be faithful to the One and Only One True God from true god, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus and his disciples, holding fast to the Truth, the brethren and all with whom we have to do, not only in great matters, but also in the little things of life, we are here to spread the true gospel or the message of love and good news, unity and hope.

We do not want to spread hate but want the eyes to be opened so people can come to see who are the hate carriers and carriers of falsehood. We want to rid them of their attractive but dazzling mask and show their true nature.
Though always we prefer t
rusting ourself to Divine care and the Providential overruling of all our interests for our highest welfare, we will seek not only to be pure in heart, but to repel all anxiety, all discontent, all discouragement.

Trusting in the fact that it is Jehovah Himself Who calls the people, we can only hope we might as servants of Him be helpful in people finding Him faster and in time, before it is too late.

For all who have found the Most High God we also want to show how beautiful upon the mountains and on the bare fields the footsteps of those might be who bring Good News, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who shows easier ways to go, who shows other people of faith willing to share their love for God and love for the creation, and who want to share and join hands with all those who say to Zion

“Jehovah our God reigns for ever.”



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