Against the anti Jehovah people

On the net we can find lots of websites against the Jehovah Witnesses which also are sites which are against Jehovah and all lovers of Jehovah.

Some of the people writing about the American organisation of the Jehovah Witnesses clearly show also their hate against people who love Jehovah and who do not want to step in a story or life for a Trinity or Church which keeps its flock in control by stories of eternal hellfire.

This site  wants to show the Only True God, Who is a singular Unseen Almighty All-knowing God above all gods, Who does not tell lies and Who likes His creation to have a peaceful community of living beings sharing brotherly love.

This site also wants to show the world that next to the Jehovah Witnesses and ex-Jehovah Witnesses there are many more denominations in Christianity which have members who believe in the Only One True God and who worship this One God, the God of Israel Who is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus, his disciples and many people all over the world who do not want to belong to a trinitarian church.

We do hope people who are in doubt about Who is or might be God shall be able to find the real True God and shall find out that the son of this heavenly Father, Jeshua or Jesus Christ, the sent one from God, is the way to God and the mediator between God and man.


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