Trinitarians making their proof for existence of God look ridiculous #4

Many adversaries of God, be it agnostics, atheists or anti-Jehovah people, want others to believe that there can not exist a Single One Eternal Being a man would be able to understand.

A writer who presents lots of articles against the Christadelphians and non-trinitarians, Ruthie Sutcliffe, writes

there is very little about God that we are able to understand, yet which we accept because this is how God has revealed himself, and his most complete revelation is in Christ (Isa 55:8; Heb 1:1–2; Matt 11:27). God’s eternity, having no beginning, his perfection, his unlimited power unsullied by any corruption, his knowledge of our hearts and his ability to hear millions of prayers at once, his providence over the complexities of creation; these are all very hard to understand, {Divine and Human}

Though she knows God is eternal refuses to see that Jesus is not eternal, him having had a birth  and having died  In the Trinity teaching we encounter so many discrepancies that it can be called normal that people become come confused or can not understand so many matters. There are also pepole who swear by only one bible translation (the KJV-only people) making them stubborn not willing to see that after the 17th century many new findings could shed a ‘new light‘ on the Bible knowledge and on the Biblical history facts.

Many Non-Trinitarians, like Christadelphians and Jehovah’s Witnesses are not afraid in saying

To turn a deaf ear to newly found Truth is not only foolish, but
shows an excess of pride that we are not willing to admit that we
can make mistakes, and do need occasionally adjustments. {Researching outside of the Bible – Is it safe?}

For our Bible Study we do not mind looking at historical papers, civil and theological research and study material, to form an idea. Like the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Brothers in Christ or Christadelphians, Abrahamic Faith believers all are people who give themselves to Jehovah and consider to be His.

Jehovah’s people have used encyclopedias, secular sources,
and reputable books and documents – to discover the pagan
origins of Christmas, Easter, Hell Fire TormentInfant
Baptism, the true origins of the cross as a phallic symbol
of sex worship, the mistranslation of Stauros and Xylon,
the pagan origins of Rosary beads, pagan origins of holy water. {Researching outside of the Bible – Is it safe?}

That gained knowledge can not be put aside or ignored. Once people receive a certain knowledge they should do something with it, react to it and live according to it.

Secular research has also helped Jehovah’s people to recognize
spurious scriptures that were added after the Bible was written.
When noting that the word “trinity” did not exist in the Bible,
God’s people turned to secular sources outside of the Bible to
investigate and find that the trinity and many other unbiblical
doctrines were adopted from the pagans by Rome and engrafted
upon the Christian Faith without any approval by God or his
Holy Spirit. The list goes on and on – with all the many things
that Jehovah’s people have learned from sources outside of the
Bible – in their search of truth.

Therefore we should not be afraid to do research outside of the
Bible. There are still many other things to be found, by doing so,
that Jehovah’s people have yet to learn. To stop researching our
Faith would be a big mistake. If we have “THE TRUTH” than
there is nothing to fear from such investigations. If anything, our
research should do nothing, except to strengthen our faith and in
some cases to bring us to the realization that some of our views
are outdated or wrong and that gives us the opportunity to investigate
further and update our beliefs and doctrines. {Researching outside of the Bible – Is it safe?}

In the world there have always been people who do everything to convince others of their thought which they consider the only right one. They do not want to allow different opinions to exist next to each-other. Those people seem to forget that being humble and flexible are valuable traits in the sight of God.

1 Thessalonians 5:19-22 (RNKJV)
19 Quench not the Spirit. 20 Despise not prophesyings. 21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. 22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

The people who are against Jehovah and the honouring or praising of Him alone, are making every effort to let you believe you can not understand the Bible. Many of the anti-Jehovah people shall tell you, you have to be a theologian, otherwise it is impossible to have a slightest idea of what the Bible says or to get to know what God intents. This would mean that Jehovah God has reserved the knowledge about Him only for those scholars, which gives again an other reason for atheists to call God a cruel being. But The Elohim Hashem Jehovah is not at all cruel. He is a loving God Who wants every body saved. For that reason He also has given His Word to all generations in more than one language or Bible translation.

All people should come to read the Bible, for all it’s worth, and should think about the words like they are written there. At the same time they should think about what certain theologians make of it and what certain people say what there should be written or what we should think there is written. In case there should be standing something else, would God have placed it there to mislead you, you think? If there is written that God says Jesus is His only begotten son, do you really think God wanted us to think Jesus is God playing to be a god son?

To show that the Bible has been tampered with and changed, you’d have to be able to point to ancient copies of the Bible and show us what they used to say, and then show us the differences in what the Bible says now. But that’s the very thing you can’t do, because our modern copies of the Bible say what the ancient copies say. And for good reason! Our modern Bibles are translated directly from the ancient manuscript copies of the Bible.
In addition to this, we can also compare our modern Bibles to the surviving writings of Christians in the second and third century. They quoted the text of the Bible thousands of times in their writings. And when we compare our Bibles to their ancient quotations of the Bible, we see again that the Bibles we use today are accurate copies of the Bible the early church used. {Answers to questions by Charlie Campbell}

Naturally we encounter lots of people who claim, because the Bible would be written by men, it is all fiction presented by the mind of human beings.

Just because something was written by men doesn’t mean it’s not trustworthy. Humans are capable of communicating the truth. To say otherwise, would be to undermine the trustworthiness of your own words. So, humans can communicate truthfully. And what if those who desired to communicate truthfully even had God’s help as they wrote — to ensure there were no errors? Then things would turn out really well, wouldn’t you think? That is how the books of the Bible were written.
God revealed Himself to certain people like Moses, Peter, and Paul, who wrote down what they saw and heard (1 Timothy 3:16). And we believe there are a wealth of good reasons and evidences to trust what the authors of the Bible wrote. The Bible, unlike any other ancient religious writing, has a wealth of evidence to support its reliability: hundreds of fulfilled prophecies, thousands of archaeological discoveries, its incredible internal harmony, historical confirmation in the ancient records of the Assyrians, Babylonians, and Romans, numerous scientific discoveries that have helped to validate different details in its pages, and so on. {Answers to questions by Charlie Campbell}

Those who say only the King James Version is the right Bible and who say Jesus is God, give good reason for atheists and agnostics to look at Christians who are fooled by words of men, being blinded by dogmatic teachings. Those not believing in God can use their brain and see what is written in ancient manuscripts which were found after 1611 and can also see how our modern copies of the Bible say what those ancient copies say, but which is not in accordance with what all those trinitarians say. When we would believe those Christians we can find a lot of contradictions in the Bible and that is than the trump for those against God. though both parties forget that on both corners  they do not see the background as fault-finders,  hair-splitters or nitpickers and /or can not read between the lines. Often with a little investigation into the contexts of the passages or the cultural and geographical settings, they can easily be explained and one would see that in many cases it is a matter from which point something is written or with what group in the background is something written and therefore explained in an other way, but saying exactly the same.

For example, critics say there’s a contradiction in the Gospels concerning where Jesus healed a blind man. Luke 18:35 says Jesus healed him “as He was approaching Jericho.” But Mark 10:46 says He healed the man “as He went out of Jericho.” So, critics say, “Surely Luke or Mark made a mistake. They can’t both be right.” And that appears to be the case, until you do a little homework and you find out that an archaeologist named Ernst Sellin discovered that there were what have been called “The Twin-Cities of Jericho” in Jesus’ time. There was the old city of Jericho (destroyed in Book of Joshua, but rebuilt in 1 Kings 16:34) and there was the new Roman city of Jericho. There were two cities called “Jericho,” separated from one another by about a mile. Knowing this solves the dilemma. It’s likely that Luke referred to one of the cities and Mark referred to the other. A plausible explanation is that the miracle took place between the two cities (Mark mentioning the city Jesus had just left, Luke mentioning the city Jesus was approaching). The authors of the Gospels did not contradict one another. Would you be willing to read an article or book that explains more of these alleged contradictions in the Bible? There are good explanations for every one of them. We address several other alleged contradictions in the Bible here. {Answers to questions by Charlie Campbell}

Those trinitarians who claim that all people who would not come to their church contradict themselves by saying everybody is saved and does not to do any works … but that they do not seem to see themselves or not to comprehend. Again something non-believers laugh at, because those christians telling nobody has to do a work but still demanding more than one work, like converting to a faith group, having a baptism in that group, coming to their church meetings, paying money to their churches, allowed to do everything but still being made afraid by eternal torture in hell, etc. makes them unbelievable and makes that God Who would say or demand all such things, ridiculous.



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