Anti Jehovah sites

On the net we may find lots of sites trying to get people away from Jehovah and organisations with that Name of God in their title, often such people thinking that people who worship Jehovah God would belong to the American organisation of the Jehovah Witnesses, which does not have to be so.

Headquarters of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Brooklyn, New York, seen from New York Water Taxi on the East River.

Lots of adherents of the Only One true God are non-trinitarians belonging to Christian denominations which have nothing to do with the Jehovah Witnesses Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Organisation.

As we come along certain sites we shall reveal and unveil them and try to show their real intentions. Because by the years we came to see that several of such sites are created by frustrated ex-Jehovah Witness who turned not only against their previous church but also against their previous God. Some sites are also created by adversaries of God who find in the internet a handy tool to reach people and to get them far away from God. In that light we would like to show the other site of the coin and would love to bring people to come to see Who Jehovah really is and what sort of organisations and churches have chosen to honour and to praise Him.

We are pleased and thankful you found this place and where willing to read some article and do hope we might finding you returning at these pages and at our main site.

Goodbye, and have a blessed day.


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