The Most Appropriate teacher and Scoffers in our contemporary age

People should know that the divine Creator has given man all they should know about Him and has told the human one, what is good and what He as the Most High Sovereign Lord, God above all gods, requires from them.

The Maker and Sustainer of everything wants His creatures to do justice, embrace faithful love, and walk humbly with their God, Who stands above all beings. He demands people to come to know Him Who is One, and loves to see everybody coming to live according His legislation, to do justly, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with Him as their Only One God. (Micah 6:8)

Throughout the ages several religious groups came into existence. In those groups we can find a lot of displeased or dissatisfied leaders, who want to keep as many people coming to their group or denomination and condemning those who do not come to join them. They should know that they should stop their mocking, or their chains will become heavier. Many of those religious leaders carry on as scoffers, attacking those who do not want to believe in them as righteous religious leaders in name of their Trinity. They also want others to believe that they are the only right ones to follow and that God condemns those who think differently than they.

Those adversaries who want to get as many as possible to worship their  Trinity do not come to see that by their attacking those who do not want to believe in a trinity like them, they themselves float away in darkness. We find many church leaders perform a great effort to pull others away from the True God, to become completely blinded and to further deviate from biblical truth and true glorification of God. By telling those who do not want to follow their path that they would be destroyed, shall themselves, as scoffers, become under the spell of the Lord God of hosts and receive [a decree] of decisive destruction on all the earth. (Isaiah 28:22)

The Elohim Hashem Jehovah calls everybody to listen and to hear His Voice. He wants people to pay attention and hear what He says. Giving more attention to the words from heaven than to the words from the earth, the words of human beings. God warns the world more than once, to listen carefully and hear His words. (Isaiah 28:23)

People should know that full instruction belongs to God. It is He who gives knowledge and wisdom. He is the most appropriate Being to go to for receiving instruction because it is Him Who teaches man and instructs [correctly] to discretion and the right way. For his God  and teaches man properly. (Isaiah 28:23)

Often those who say their church is the only right one, are filled with greed and uncleanness, of the same sort as the ancient scribes and Pharisees. It are those who are not telling so much about what comes from the Lord Almighty,
Whose plan is wonderful, Whose wisdom is magnificent and Whose Power is greater than any power of man. (compare Isaiah 28:22-29)

Several preachers do as if it is their wisdom and as if they as theologians are the only ones to explain the Bible. It looks like they are forgetting their wisdom also comes from the Lord of hosts, but for all the false teachings they present, one day they shall be unmasked and people shall come to know better. At that time those who belonged to that church shall be able to extricate themself or another person from that denomination and free themself and/or other persons from it. By that unsnarling from those worldly teachers they shall by sticking to the biblical truth not only feel free but shall come to feel closer to the Only One True God.

People have to know that God does not keep His Word hidden for those who did not get an education. God wants all people to know Him and His Words. For that reason the divine Creator has sent His selected people, prophets, priests and kings, to write down His Words. And those men from God did not claim those words as from them, but from the wonderful counsel and God His great wisdom.

When we look at the blooming churches often we find preachers there who have an extremely strong desire for money and possessions (i.e. avarice).  In most of the mega churches we see that extreme greed for riches. Often the miserly desire to gain and hoard wealth is successful and people do not notice how they are blinded by those false teachers.

Those going against true worshippers of the Only One True God, telling others they are the only true church, are false or counterfeit apostles. People should come to compare their sayings with their actions and come to see how they are dishonest workers who disguise themselves as apostles of Christ or even men of God. It is no great surprise that those so called servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Though their end will be what their actions deserve. (2 Corinthians 11:13-15)

Jesus also pointed out the danger of such self-indulgence we can find by so many who call themselves “man of God” or want to be spoken to with their religious tittle, be it rebbe, rabbi, teacher, pope, bishop, father, priest or minister.

About two thousands years ago the Nazarene master teacher Jeshua (Jesus Christ), the sent one from God, spoke to the crowds and his disciples, about the legal experts, scribes and Pharisees of his time. He told people they could listen to them, but should be careful with what they were saying, and had to take care not to do what they did. At that time, they did similar things, like we can find certain teachers doing today. In many congregations the leaders demand a lot from their listeners and

tie together heavy packs that are are hard to bear or even impossible to carry. (Matthew 23:4)

With wholesale trade and attention-grabbing, those so-called theologians wish to get full attention. Most things they do, they do to be noticed by others. They love to sit in places of honour at banquets and in the synagogues or churches and at meetings. It also can not be ignored that they love to be greeted with honour everywhere they come and to be addressed with their ‘religious’ tittle.

Today, all people have to come to know the Only One God and His sent one, who is the master teacher. Christ should be our one teacher. And when going out to preach, teaching others, we should not want to be the greatest but act as servants for God and as servants for those who want to learn.

Jesus says

MT23:5 All their [religious] works they do to be viewed by humans.[7] They broaden their phylacteries[8] and they enlarge the fringes of their garments.[9] MT23:6 They prefer the prominent place at suppers[10] and the front seats in the synagogues.[11] MT23:7 [They enjoy] greetings in the market square[12] and to be called ‘Rabbi’[13] by people. MT23:8 But, you [disciples] should not be addressed as ‘Rabbi’ for only One is your teacher.[14] All of you [disciples] are brothers.[15] MT23:9 Nor should [you disciples permit others] on earth to address you as ‘Father’[16] for One is your Father – the Heavenly One. MT23:10 Nor should you disciples be addressed as ‘Leaders’[17] because your Leader is only the Messiah. MT23:11 But the ‘greatest’ among you will be your servant. MT23:12 For whoever will exalt self will be humiliated;[18] and whoever humbles self will be exalted. (Matthew 23:5-12)



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  1. Knowing The Truth looks at different religions but does not allow remarks, or like lots of anti-Jehovah sites, does not allow corrections, for example when there is written by Doreen Wright: “As Christians we also believe in one God who is known to us in the Bible as Jehovah, Yeshua or God Almighty – the Creator of the universe.” Real Christians their God is the same as the One from the Chosen People of God, Jews; Jeshuaists and Muslims, namely the Unseen Elohim Jehovah Who is One and not two or three and Whose Name is not Yeshua or Jeshua but Jehovah the Almighty greater than all gods.
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