A Book to trust #7 Heavenly Father not withholding knowledge

In this capitalist world we encounter lots of people who have exactly the same questions in their head like the millions of people before them.

  • How did things come into existence
  • Does God exist?
  • If He does, what kind of God is He?
  • What is the Name of God?
  • What is His purpose?
  • What is our role in this existence and in this world or
  • Is there a purpose to life?
  • Who are we? Are human beings unique?
  • What is the purpose of plants and animals?
  • What comes after our death?
  • Is there an afterlife?
  • What kind of world do we live in? Is the universe nothing but matter and motion?
  • Are there absolute standards for morality?
  • If there are, what are they?
  • If absolute standards do not exist, how do we avoid being oppressed by whoever has the most power?
  • Is beauty real?
  • Are minds real?
  • How do we know anything? What does it mean to know something?
  • Is science the only way to knowledge?
  • What is important to know?
  • What do we really need to know?
  • Can only learned scholars know the most necessary things?
  • Who can give us the most necessary knowledge?
  • Can there ever be a beautiful loving peaceful world to live in?

So many questions have bothered several generations for centuries in a world which could not find yet a way to be beautiful peaceful full of love.

In the Eastern as well as in the Western world many wise man have tortured their head and come up with all sorts of answers to the big questions of life. You could also wonder to what you might appeal or question if we need any outside authority.

In a certain way we may be sure that we should appeal to reason and that it is not at all bad to question all things. Though in this world there are many people who want you to believe you should just have to accept certain things because we are not able to understand them. As such man made himself many “sayings” to be taken as a truth or as “it is so and not different”.  In many religious groups we can find such human doctrines the members all follow, with the idea that they can not understand those things but the theologians have especially studied for getting such knowledge.

All people should know that the truth is not hidden for people who did not get the opportunity to study. Those who did not do certain studies naturally would not know the finesses of that matter, but concerning the matters of life there is a book which gives enough information to make the best out of it.

When we are created by a Divine Being we may expect that Supreme Being would have given us enough to go on and to live properly. It must not be that we would have the same super intelligent mind as our Creator, but being created in His image we may expect to have something from Him.

Living in this world, when there is a Causer or Creator of it, one can expect That Causer or Creator to have as a Giver of life, given its creations personality and wanting them to have personal connection with Him. Like in this world having a creator or designer having a feeling with even sometimes also a pride about his creations , we may expect something similar by the Divine Creator. He too wants to be proud of His creatures, like any father wants to be proud about his children and also wants to have a good relationship or connection with his children. In the same way does the heavenly Father a good relationship with His creatures i.e; His children.

One can not imagine that a father who loves his children would hold back or detain the necessary things his children should have to know. Also when a father would come to visit his children he would not disguise himself or fake things and speak in riddles to confuse his children, like telling them he is the son of their father. That are all things the haters of Jehovah loving people think. They are convinced that Jesus is God and as such that God disguised Himself and never clearly spoke out it was Him who came onto the earth. Those who claim Jesus to be God also want us to believe that God, when on earth, just could not tell the truth or everything  His children had to know, because He was in the form of man.

A real loving father would out of love for his children always give them the best advice he can give and would not do as if he is somebody else or the same one in an other form without being very clear about it. A real loving father would also not fake things to mislead his children. God for example says no man can tempt Him or do something to Him, though Jesus was tempted, bullied and even killed after being tortured. Though the heavenly Father tells His children He is an eternal God, what means that He is, was and always shall be, having no beginning, no birth and no end, no death. though in Scriptures as well as in the historical civic books we come to know that Jesus was really born and come to live on this earth plus was killed, and as such was death, the Bible even telling us he was for three days in hell, i.e. being with or like the other dead in the grave.

In case Jesus is God and when the Bible tells us God knows everything and always tells the truth, than Jesus telling he does not know who is going to sit next to him in the Kingdom of God, which he does not call his kingdom but the Kingdom of his heavenly Father, makes Jesus either lying (when he is an all-knowing God) or makes him not to be the God Who knows everything and can do everything. We also should know that Jesus could not do everything and also said he could not do anything without his heavenly Father.

When Jesus is God and was honest, telling his followers he did not know when the end-times would be coming, than God does not know everything, but is also not telling the truth, because one moment He says no man can see him and live, and an other moment people do not fall death when they see Him when He would have come to earth as a disguised godhead being called Jesus, son of man.

When Jesus would be God one can not imagine he was willing to give all the necessary information his children had to have to make sure they would be able to enter his Kingdom. That would not give us the feeling that this god would really have all his children with him at his and their home. That would not make him to be a nice god either.

All those churches who claim that man is not able to understand the Word of God and that we just have to accept those doctrines,  underestimate the Love of God and the Power of God, because when God loves His creation and the living beings he provided, than He would give them enough knowledge to have an abundant and good life.

When we take up the bible we can see that The God never intended human beings to search for answers to the big questions simply on their own. From the onset we can see how God His Word did not only bring things into being, but also how He used it to give advice to His created beings. He communicated verbally to Adam and Eve and even when they rebelled against Him He was still willing to guide them and to promise them once there would come a solution for the misstep they had done. We also can read in Scriptures how the Divine Creator communicated to Noah and gave the world the opportunity to change direction before it would be to late. Abraham was an other Biblical figure we come to know who had faith in God and who followed God His detailed instructions. Through Moses man received tablets with rules which should be a hold-fast for man to keep a good relationship with the heavenly Father.

In the Book of books, the Bible, The God spoke through the prophets. He spoke climactically in Christ His only begotten beloved son. Like any father the heavenly Father wants His children to be able to understand Him and His Words. Therefore the heavenly Father shall want to use understandable language, not speaking in riddles or difficult to understand phrases. A loving father also would try to bring over any logic for coming to know everything his children should know. As such God, being a God of order and a God of logic, also shall bring over His words in a logic way and not in a confusing way.  If we cannot find logic in the bible that would mean it can not be His Word or should be the word of fallible man.

Though when we accept that the Bible is the Word of God, we should know that That Word shall be telling the truth and as such we should accept it as the Truth. to follow and love Him. A spiritually healthy human being should be willing to submit to God His Words which encompass instruction and guidance. Those Words form God coming from a much higher Being than man should be recognised as a more trustworthy Word than that of any man.

People should know that in a way to ignore God’s instruction and just to try to puzzle out the nature of the world is already a rebellious move, because it despises the route that God has designed for human growth.



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