A Book to trust #3 Creation and Creator

When we look at the Bible we are confronted with only two major points of faith to over-win. first of all the most difficult to proof is that there exist a Super Intelligent Supreme Being Which or Who can stand above all human beings here on earth.

To proof that there exist a God may be the most difficult thing there is. It is the one point where we do need to have a feeling of faith for. It also depends on what you want to see for a god or what you expect a god or The God to be. The bible itself gives us already a reply, telling us that God Himself says He is the Being. Without Him there is no existence.

“Ehyeh asher ehyeh”: “I will be that I will be” (Eur 1:98). “Ehyeh” = 1st person. “Jehovah” = 3rd person: “He will be”. {Exodus 3:14}

The divine Creator is the Elohim יהוה {Jehovah} Who by His word let things come into being.

Genesis 1:1 (TS98)
1 In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth.

White holes the other possible solution of the Einstein’s relativity theory – Photo Source : Thoughty2 (Youtube channel)

Lots of people sought for a solution about the beginning of everything and came with different theories. As such we are offered by them the Big Bang theory which tries to explain what happened at the very beginning of our universe but does not give a reply from where that black hole or other black holes or white holes and the substances came into being.  Discoveries in astronomy and physics have shown beyond a reasonable doubt that our universe did in fact have a beginning but leaves us with two possibilities: Either no one created something out of nothing, or someone created something out of nothing.

The bible gives the replay concerning things coming into existence from the chaos. It talks about the “tohu-bohu” ( Hebrew) or things “Without form and void” (AV). Used together in Isaiah 34:11; Jeremiah 4:23. “Without hope (formless) and without God (empty)”: Ephesians 2:12. (Yet God did not create it with this in mind; He created it to be inhabited: Isaiah 45:7-8 — ie, eternally: to bring forth “salvation”!)

Genesis 1:2 (TS98)
2 And the earth came to be formless and empty, and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of Elohim was moving on the face of the waters.

Black holes may be considered to be areas of intense gravitational pressure, where the pressure is thought to be so intense that finite matter is actually squished into infinite density (a mathematical concept which truly boggles the mind). These zones of infinite density are called “singularities.” With this theory in mind several scientists believe that our universe is thought to have begun as an infinitesimally small, infinitely hot, infinitely dense, something – a singularity.  Though they also do not know where it comes from or what was at the beginning of this singularity.

When we take all the words of the Bible at heart we can form an idea, which brings us to an infinite Being that was and is part of The Being, the act or manifestation of being, Which is God.

Psalms 90:2 (TS98)
2 Before the mountains were born, Or You had brought forth the earth and the world, Even from everlasting to everlasting You are Ěl.

Psalms 136:1-9 (TS98)
1 Give thanks to יהוה, for He is good! For His kindness is everlasting. 2 Give thanks to the Elohim of mighty ones! For His kindness is everlasting. 3 Give thanks to the Master of masters! For His kindness is everlasting: 4 To Him who alone does great wonders, For His kindness is everlasting; 5 To Him who by wisdom made the heavens, For His kindness is everlasting; 6 To Him who spread the earth on the waters, For His kindness is everlasting; 7 To Him who made great lights, For His kindness is everlasting; 8 The sun to rule by day, For His kindness is everlasting; 9 The moon and stars to rule by night, For His kindness is everlasting.

It was that Spiritual Being, which has no beginning and no end, being God until undetermined time, that used His Word to bring into being and to come to people so that they could hear and come to see.

Isaiah 45:18 (TS98)
18 For thus said יהוה, Creator of the heavens, He is Elohim, Former of earth and its Maker, He established it, He did not create it to be empty, He formed it to be inhabited: “I am יהוה, and there is none else.

Isaiah 40:28 (TS98)
28 Did you not know? Have you not heard? The everlasting Elohim, יהוה, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable.

Nehemiah 9:6 (TS98)
6 “You are יהוה, You alone. You have made the heavens, the heavens of the heavens, with all their host, the earth and all that are on it, the seas and all that are in them, and You give life to them all. And the host of the heavens are bowing themselves to You.

It is that Being which is a ghost or Spirit no man can see which is responsible for that very beginning, being it a black hole or something else.

Exodus 33:20 (TS98)
20 But He said, “You are unable to see My face, for no man does see Me and live.”

In Scriptures we are also told that no man has ever seen God at any time, which when Jesus would be God, be not true or a lie. Therefore we should make up what we want to believe and would go with the words of Scriptures which says that God is an unseen Spirit and that Jesus, who declared God and interpreted Him, clearly tells he is not a spirit and was seen by many people who stayed alive.

1 Timothy 1:17 (TS98)
17 Now to the Sovereign of the ages, incorruptible, invisible, to Elohim who alone is wise, be respect and esteem forever and ever. Amĕn.

John 1:18 (TS98)
18 No one has ever seen Elohim. The only brought-forth Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, He did declare.

John 4:24 (TS98)
24 “Elohim is Spirit, and those who worship Him need to worship in spirit and truth.”

Luke 24:36-39 (TS98)
36 And as they were saying this, יהושע Himself stood in the midst of them, and said to them, “Peace to you.” 37 And being startled and frightened, they thought they had seen a spirit. 38 And He said to them, “Why are you troubled? And why do doubts arise in your hearts? 39 “See My hands and My feet, that it is I Myself. Handle Me and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see I have.”

Christ Jesus like the other prophets (Moses, Jeremiah a.o.)  received the words they had to tell to the world around them, though Moses did not talk in riddles, Jesus dared sometimes to speak in parables, but like the other prophet could tell about the Unseen and what He wanted because they came to understand the Elohim Most High God of gods and as such could come to see the “form of the Most High Lord above all lords.”

Numbers 12:8 (TS98)
8 “I speak with him mouth to mouth, and plainly, and not in riddles. And he sees the form of יהוה. So why were you not afraid to speak against My servant Mosheh?”



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